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Popling is a website and desktop app that helps you learn by popping open flash cards every few minutes.

Set the app to Pop as often as you like and Popling will teach you a language, let you geek out on trivia, prepare for exams or learn anything you want, without taking the time to study!

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Vanilla 1.1.9 is a product of Lussumo. More Information: Documentation, Community Support.

    • CommentAuthorvanilla
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2010
    ...there is such an option when I use Popling in Firefox...but when I use the Desktop App (and when I turn Retention off) it just shows the question simultaneously with the answer. It would be great if there was a "reveal answer" or maybe even a mouseover-option for the Desktop App....(by the way: sorry for my English...I'm not a native speaker ^^)
    • CommentAuthorpop
    • CommentTimeMay 18th 2010
    Hi vanilla,

    That's a bug that should be fixed with the next version. Your English is great!
    • CommentAuthorpop
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010 edited

    this issues has been fixed in the new version of the Desktop app. Find out more here:

    • CommentAuthorvanilla
    • CommentTimeJun 8th 2010
    Thank you!
    my popling application is up and running but I don't see the answer and I cannot find a place where I could select to have it shown.