What Is Popling?

Popling is a website and desktop app that helps you learn by popping open flash cards every few minutes.

Set the app to Pop as often as you like and Popling will teach you a language, let you geek out on trivia, prepare for exams or learn anything you want, without taking the time to study!

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    • CommentAuthornickclair
    • CommentTimeSep 14th 2010
    First let me say I love Popling, a great idea, and well executed. I just wanted to make a suggestion that would make the product a little more useful for me.

    I am a student and use popling all the time. Its great for times when Im in class and the prof is droning on and on, and I can get some actual studying done instead of just wasting my time in class.

    I would like to be able to resize the popling window so that its not so big when it comes up. I only need to see the question/answer, the reveal button, and then the hide button. All the other stuff is a little distracting. Maybe a way to resize the window? Or perhaps an optional mini-view that just shows the stuff I mentioned, but can be turned back on to full view later.

    Also, I downloaded the desktop app mostly because I didn't like the Chrome extension. Im on the internet constantly and Im a huge cloud user. All my notes, papers, research, homework, ect is done via Google Docs, and I use Chrome so a Chrome extension was right up my alley. But in class its far too distracting to have a new tab open up all the time and to have to switch back and forth between the tab and my notes or whatever.

    Just some suggestions. Love the product. Thanks!
    • CommentAuthorpop
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2010
    Thanks Nick,

    I'll keep that resizing suggestion in mind. As for the opening a new tab issue, there just wasn't a way to make retention doable in a small popup, which really kills the value of the service for me.

    I'm really glad you dig the service!

    OH, and stop wasting time in class with all that studying.